About You

When not on location I’m always happy to be busy with my brides putting you first and creating with you… the look you desire!

I understand the excitement of your wedding day and getting it just right and yes choosing your venue, dress, flowers etc all matter… of course they do!

However, never forget it is your face that is at all times looked at, admired, photographed and kissed!

If you feel as beautiful and confident as you are… your inner beauty, like your smile, will light up your face and the room for everyone to see!

I promise… Whether its a natural, flawless, gorgeous, glowing look… or a totally different look with Bonita B Brows or HD brows, fake eyelashes, fake tan, hair extensions anything and everything that you want.

As long as you dazzle HOW YOU want to dazzle!
As long as that flawless, perfect, confident, wow version of you is still YOU.

So please let’s work together to get it right for you!

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Bonita B Studio - Enhancing your natural beauty